Property Watch Explained

What is the Property Watch?

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The "Property Watch" system here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate (BHHSMI) is easy to use. This automated software allows me to enter the email address of a "Treasured Teammate" and send them regular email updates. These updates are for properties on the market that meets their chosen searching criteria.  There is no obligation to use it. Two things are required to make this software work for you. I will need an email address that I can use to set up the software. The State of Michigan requires the I reveal to you at the earliest possible opportunity that I am a real estate agent. A signed "Agency Disclosure" does that.

The "Property Watch" program, you ask for emails informing you of properties or homes for sale to come regularly in emails, based on criteria that you select. The frequency of those emails and searches can are adjustable. You can receive updates from once every three months to three times every week. The choice is yours! "Property Watch" is just one in a large number of real estate tools that are part of why I choose BHHSMI to be my broker. I love their focus on being the valuable "Forever Agents" to our customers. You can find out more about why I like the program on my website at  Forever Agent Program.  The company also has some of the best technology relating to real estate in the world.

This family-owned and operated real estate business has served Michigan and Indiana residents with their selling and buying needs for more than 60 years. I also have had a relationship with the owners of this company for over ten years.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we hold company-wide meetings that start with prayer. The commitment here at BHHSMI is to SERVE! We have 1000+ Michigan and Indiana based real estate agents who consistently outperform the market, supported by an administrative staff of 200+ individuals. 48 conveniently located Service Centers throughout Michigan and Indiana. We have one of the most respected, recognized, and trusted business names in the world. Nationwide or worldwide, chances are we have an office and do business at a high level there.

I would encourage you that even if you are looking two to five years down the road, "Property Watch" is just one tool we can use to keep you informed and up to date on any market in Michigan.